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Dario Signs Leading Functional Medicine Clinic to DarioEngage™ Remote Digital Diabetes Platform

Auer Integrative, a leader in the U.S., will use the DarioEngage™ healthcare provider platform from DarioHealth to remotely monitor, engage and manage patients with diabetes and pre-diabetes. The platform allows the clinic to support their all-inclusive patient diabetes management program, in which patients receive health and wellness coaching virtually and via phone. Auer Integrative will adopt Dario's Per Engaged Member, Per Month (PEMPM) business model.

DarioHealth sees clinics as ideal partners to scale up its growth and deliver tangible medical outcomes while providing users with the outstanding experience of diabetes support and lifestyle coaching from their healthcare provider.

"The direct, real-time access to patient blood glucose levels and everyday data related to nutrition and exercise captured by Dario on the patient's smartphone transforms the ability of our patients to effect better health. Making this information available to our healthcare professionals makes them much more efficient in addressing the most important topics with their patients," commented Daniel Auer DC, medical director of Auer Integrative. "This is very valuable to us because we can now engage with patients, more effectively, more often, through direct virtual interactions."

"Chronic illness is the biggest driver of healthcare costs on a national scale as well as on a household scale," commented Erez Raphael, DarioHealth CEO. "By providing tools that strongly engage the users, enable intuitive lifestyle changes and reduce or delay the impact of diabetes complications, providers are able to deliver better clinical outcomes and meaningfully reduce the costs of chronic illness for the payer and for the individual. Clinical evidence, based on Dario's data, demonstrates that our superior engagement rates lead to significant and sustainable A1c reduction and increase of in-range glucose measurements."

For those patients opting out of remote monitoring, the clinic will stock Dario starter kits and products onsite in its Cupertino clinic.


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